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How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Tattoo

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Was one of yours a tattoo? Unlike other slipups, this is one that doesn’t disappear on its own. If you’re stuck with an unwanted tattoo and are looking for a way to let it go, the answer is simple—Alex TriVantage!


Alex TriVantage is the total package, providing a solution to several skin imperfections! Not only can it eliminate pigments such as freckles, age spots and sun spots—but unwanted ink, too. This treatment makes what used to be impossible seem effortless.


Alex TriVantage has the ability to eliminate all tattoo colors safely and effectively—including stubborn green, blue and black inks. During treatment, laser energy is delivered to your tattoo without disrupting your skin. The handpiece will be placed on the surface of your skin, with each pulse of laser energy feeling similar to the snap of a rubber band.

Alex TriVantage is effective on all skin types, and causes less discomfort than other tattoo removal options! Maximum results are seen after a series of treatments, with the number needed depending on the size and type of tattoo. Be sure to schedule a consultation with a specialist to discuss your specific situation.


If you’ve been looking for a way to get rid of a tattoo you regret, the solution is simple. The specialists at Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics are helping patients in Livermore, San Francisco and Oakland remove unwanted tattoos and feel great about their appearance! Schedule a consultation by calling 925.484.5483 to learn if Alex TriVantage is right for you.

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