CO₂ Resurfacing

For Better Looking Skin on Every Level.

With the CO₂RE® system, Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics can help patients throughout Greater Spokane and North Idaho achieve the look they want! CO₂RE features a variety of different treatment modes. We have the power to treat a wide range of cosmetic skin problems, including:

  • CO₂RE Light for sun spots and age spots
  • CO₂RE Mid for skin tone and texture
  • CO₂RE Deep for facial lines and wrinkles
  • CO₂RE Fusion to treat multiple layers at the same time

In addition, CO₂RE enables Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics to offer traditional CO₂ resurfacing, as well as reduce the appearance of minor scars, helping provide younger-looking skin from Livermore to San Francisco and Oakland.


Patients often notice a difference after only one treatment. You can expect your skin’s appearance to gradually improve in the first few days following your treatment, and dark spots and uneven textures will begin to look better immediately.

And CO₂RE results are nearly as durable as those seen in surgical procedures. Your health and age will be a factor in determining how long your results will last, as will how you care for your skin following the treatment.

If you are experiencing sun-damaged skin, age spots, fine lines, rough texture, discoloration or other skin imperfections, there’s a good chance that CO₂RE can deliver impressive results for you. The treatment is ideal for lighter skin types, although we will go over your complete medical and skin history to determine more about your specific situation.

Find out if CO₂RE is right for you — schedule a consultation with Donna Bierut and the team at Tri Valley today! Contact us online or call us at 925 484 5483.

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