For Longer, Thicker, Stronger Eyelashes.

If you’re concerned about your eyelashes, Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics can help with Latisse®, the first and only treatment that’s FDA-cleared to grow eyelashes that are stronger, fuller, thicker and longer. Latisse delivers full results in just 16 weeks, and it’s clinically proven to help you.

Donna Bierut and her dedicated team of professionals can walk you through the necessary steps toward achieving better-looking lashes. Applied once daily to the upper eyelid, Latisse causes lashes to grow, leading to an improved look.

Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics has been providing Latisse to people throughout the Bay Area and the Inland Northwest, and we can work with you to help ensure that you get results you’ll love. Contact us online or call our office to schedule an appointment! Our Livermore office can be reached at 925 484 5483 or call 208 966 4940 to reach out Coeur d’ Alene office.



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