Hair Removal Options What Should You Know

There are a wide variety of options for getting rid of unwanted hair, but the differences can be confusing. Which one is best for you—and when should you take matters into your own hands?


Shaving and tweezing are the simplest hair-removal methods, and can be done on any area. Contrary to the myths, hair does not grow back thicker—the razor cuts off the tapered end, making it only feel thicker when it starts to regrow. Tweezing can last up to several weeks, so you don’t have to pluck as often as you shave. Unfortunately, these methods can cause ingrown hairs, which may get infected. Shaving only lasts a few days, and the cost of razors and shaving gels can add up.

  • Pros: Simple and easy to do at home; minimal pain; can be done anywhere on the body
  • Cons: Only lasts a few days; can cause ingrown hairs and cuts; razors become dull and must be replaced often; tweezing may be painful


Waxing removes the hair by the follicle, so the results last for weeks. This can also make it less expensive than shaving in the long run. Waxing also works on any area of the body, and you can have it done professionally or try it at home. For this method, the hairs need to be at least ¼ inch long so the wax has something to “grip.” Waxing can be painful and cause redness and infection around the hair follicles, but this risk becomes less likely the more often you wax. Ingrown hairs are also possible, but careful exfoliation can reduce the risk.

  • Pros: Lasts longer than shaving; long-term costs are lower, especially if you do it at home; can be done anywhere on the body
  • Cons: Painful; at-home methods are often messy; causes skin irritation and redness; risk of ingrown hairs; must wait for hairs to grow before it’s effective


This at-home method breaks down the hair itself. Creams such as Nair can last up to a week—longer than shaving, but not as long as waxing. The process can take as little as 10 minutes, depending on the size of the area you’re working with. Depilatory creams can damage the skin if they are left on too long, if the skin is sensitive or if there is an allergy. Because of this risk, there is a need to do a patch test first.

  • Pros: Lasts longer than shaving; easy to do at home; useful for larger areas; less painful than waxing
  • Cons: Can cause serious skin damage if misused; often messy; some formulas have a bad smell or cause allergic reaction; not appropriate for sensitive or thin skin; should take the time to do a patch test


With laser hair removal, an intense beam of light is sent through the skin to each hair follicle. The damage to the follicle prevents future hair growth. This type of hair removal can be done just about anywhere except the eye area, and is often used on the legs, underarms, back, upper lip, chin and bikini line. Common side effects include temporary skin irritation, but ice or a cooling cream can help reduce discomfort. The treated area should not be exposed to sunlight for a few days after the treatment.


Unfortunately, no at-home hair removal permanently reduces growth. Whether it’s days or weeks later, you still have to do it all again! Fortunately, there is another option—laser hair removal. Tri Valley offers two different laser hair removal treatments, so you can choose the best one for you.

Gentle Hair Removal™

The Gentle Hair Removal™ system is effective for all skin types and includes a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that minimizes discomfort. With this system, a laser pulse delivers controlled heat into your skin and safely damages the targeted hair follicles. With each laser pulse, DCD releases a burst of liquid cryogen that cools the skin. Sessions can take a few minutes to an hour, and 80% of patients report permanent hair reduction after four to six treatments.

Motif® Laser Hair Removal

Motif® Laser Hair Removal is safe and effective for both lighter and darker hair. This system combines light-based technology and radio frequency, targeting hair with minimal damage to the skin around the follicles. Many patients see permanent hair reduction after only a few sessions. Motif also requires no downtime, so you can resume normal activities right away!

Ready to throw out your razors and end your waxing appointments? Contact the Tri Valley team at 925.484.5483 to learn which laser hair removal treatment is right for you!

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