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What You Need To Know About Homemade Skin Products

We’re all a little bit obsessed with DIY projects these days, whether it’s creating our own holiday wreaths, mason jar centerpieces, gifts—or maybe it only goes as far as binge-watching the latest house flip show on HGTV. Regardless of the focus of your DIY obsession, it has infiltrated our lives, and now it’s beginning to infiltrate our vanities.


If you’re opting for the more natural, DIY route for your skin regimen, be sure to do your research! First of all, not all natural products found in your pantry are able to deliver the benefits that their store-bought counterparts can. Secondly, not all DIY tutorials on Pinterest are backed by skincare professionals. Yes, we all love our favorite beauty blogger, but odds are they’re not a skin expert.


If you plan to try DIY skin care products, be sure to take the following steps:

Consult Your Dermatologist or a Skincare Professional

You can’t trust everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes to things you lather all over your skin! Many people don’t know their skin type and end up using too harsh of products, furthering their skincare woes.

Avoid a bad skin reaction by running all products past your dermatologist or a skincare professional. The last thing you want is your homemade natural product to wreak havoc on your delicate skin!

Patch Test New Skin Products

No matter what product your trying out for the first time—homemade or store-bought—you should always patch test it before applying it to your entire face or body. Patch testing allows you to see how your skin will react to a new product.

So if you’re trying out a new cleanser or face mask, be sure to try it out on a small patch first. The last thing you want is a face full of irritated skin!

Know The Realistic Benefits

While there is a laundry list of homemade facial masks and skincare treatments that offer benefits to your skin, odds are they’re only short-term.

Take this wrinkle minimizing face mask highlighted by Buzzfeed. The expert opinion is that the ingredients do in fact have a skin tightening effect, but it is only short term. If you want the long-term fix, opt for a professional treatment, like Tri Valley’s CO2 Resurfacing.


There are many benefits that can come from DIY skincare products. Things like coconut oil can be implemented into beauty routines to help keep skin healthy; however, the solution to many skin issues cannot be found in your kitchen’s pantry.

Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics offers many skincare treatments that are non-invasive, yet offer long-term effects. If you’re interested in learning how our treatments can help you, schedule a consultation by calling 925.484.5483, or visit our Contact Page.

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