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Photofacial Skincare Treatments


Photofacial is one of the simplest procedures that they can have done… and I think the most gratifying.

Photofacial Skincare from TriValley Health & Aesthetics

What we’re really looking at with a Photofacial is taking care of any kind of tone irregularities from sun exposure. Maybe you have brown spots, it works on little broken capillaries, and it really makes the most difference in your skin tone, how you feel about your skin, the health of your skin with very little amount of downtime.

How Photofacial Treatments Work

A Photofacial is done with a modality called Intense Pulsed Light. We at Tri Valley Health are using the Syneron elōs Plus workstation, which combines Intense Pulsed Light with radio frequency, which we can dial down for all our skin types—even the olive tones, which generally in the past have been very hard to treat.

Before Your Photofacial Treatment

When our patients come in they’ll have a consultation prior to any treatment. At that point we’ll do skin typing which tells us how much energy we can use and what light source is best for you. And we’ll also take a full health history to make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

During Your Photofacial Treatment

You come in, we put cold gel on your skin. Then we go over it with the light source, which generally can take about 20 to 30 minutes. There’s a little bit of pain involved, almost kind of like a rubber band snapping.

Impressive Results, Quickly and Easily

My patients are generally seeing a brighter texture to their skin any kind of brown pigment is generally lightened. You should plan on probably needing about 3 treatments, but you’ll just have a much brighter complexion. It’s really one of the best treatments for very little amount of downtime.

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