Dermal Fillers Injectable Treatments


I’ve been doing collagen fillers for about the last 12 years. I think they’re one of the most gratifying procedures we do because the end result is instantaneous.

Dermal Fillers Injectible Treatments from Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics

Fillers are products used for volumizing or filling areas of the face as we age. One of the most popular areas I’m finding people are opting to do, and the most beneficial, are mid face volumizing, and that would be taking care of the cheek area and all the way up to the temples.

Dermal Fillers: Fix Fine Lines & Plump Up Lips

We also use smaller molecules of filler or hyaluronic acid to treat small lines around the mouth and the lip for lip volumizing. And, actually, some of us are even using fillers in an area called the tear troughs below the eyes, which have been very beneficial.

The Effects of A Facelift Without Surgery

People want to get facelifts; they want to go and get everything pulled tight. Well, you can pull your skin as tight as you want, but if you don’t have volume, you’re still going to look old.

Generally, my patients are seeing more volume, more youthfulness to their face. People are very happy it’s very minimally invasive and the results last anywhere from six months all the way to two years depending on the type of filler you’re using.

It is one of the most gratifying procedures I do. You come here with a sag or a deep line and you leave with that filled immediately. Patients are always very happy.

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