CO₂ Laser Resurfacing Anti-Aging Treatment

Erase fine lines and wrinkles. You’ve probably heard this phrase in countless commercials promoting anti-aging beauty products, but how often does it really come true?

As we discussed in our previous blog post highlighting Sublative rejuvenation, it’s common for over-the-counter beauty products to overpromise and under-deliver. Tri Valley is out to change these anti-aging ‘fails’ with our skincare treatments that really do work.


CO₂ Laser Resurfacing treatments use pulsed beams of light to target wrinkles, texture irregularities, age spots and more. The various treatment modes of the CO₂RE system allow the skincare specialists at Tri Valley to address a multitude of skin conditions.

Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics’ clinical director, Donna Bierut, places the CO₂ fractional laser as a favorite among patients. Being that we are located in sunny California, many people fight the token sign of aging—sun spots! Those youthful years spent in the sun eventually catch up with you, leaving pigmented spots behind. Referred to as sun spots or age spots, they are no match for CO₂ resurfacing, which successfully reduce the appearance of the pigmentations.


The various treatment modes of the CO₂RE system enable the fractional laser to treat facial lines and wrinkles. A major benefit of this non-invasive anti-aging treatment is that the results are comparable to a face lift! This treatment allows you to tighten the skin without the downtime associated with the surgical alternative.


As explained in the below video featuring clinical director, Donna Bierut—the number of treatments required to achieve the desired results depends on the person. In your initial consultation, our experienced staff will review your skin type and condition, outlining a treatment plan that fits your specific needs.

Schedule your consultation today with the experienced team at Tri Valley, or visit our Contact Page to submit a question to our skincare experts.

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