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Changing your diet is not easiest thing to do because it consists of changing your lifestyle. While difficult, this is one of the most important decisions you can make in regards to your health. At Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics, we believe the best change possible for your diet is to switch to whole food and plant-based recipes.

Remember Dan Matthews, our patient who shared his story and his success with CO2? Treating acne scars, like any other imperfection, is an ongoing process. Dan has more to share about his journey through treating acne scars with Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics!

Acne is more common than most people think—and no matter how old you were when you began breaking out, acne scars can often be the result. Thankfully, Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics offers CO2 laser treatments for acne scars and several other skin imperfections. Check out our Q&A session with patient Dan Matthews to learn how he began the battle against his acne scars.

Wrinkles. Like all signs of aging, they aren’t exactly something you want to notice appearing on your skin. While aging is a natural process we can’t control, we are able to correct imperfections with advanced treatment options. Read on to learn about one of our favorite wrinkle treatments, Sublime®.

Everyone has imperfections they were born with or have developed throughout their lifetime. If you or your child are affected by port wine stains, you’re well aware that they do not disappear on their own. Thankfully, you no longer have to let a birthmark weigh down your confidence!