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Feel Younger

with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many symptoms of aging, including fatigue, decreased energy, low sex drive, sleep disturbance, unexplained weight gain, cloudy memory, irritability and anxiety, can be attributed to hormone imbalances. Hormones control thousands of functions in our bodies, and they must be balanced in order to maintain optimal health. Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics has helped people throughout the Bay Area and San Ramon Valley fight back against these signs of aging, and we can help you too.

Bio-Identical Hormones Can Help Restore Balance

Donna Bierut specializes in the implementation of bio-identical hormones to help her patients recover from the symptoms of aging. Derived from plants, bio-identical hormones are chemically identical in structure to your body’s natural hormones. After evaluating your deficiencies, Donna will customize a regimen that will bring your body back into balance without the dangerous side effects of synthetic hormones. 

Achieve Total Wellness with Nutritional and Allergy Testing

Additionally, Donna will use laboratory testing to identify subclinical nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Donna can also determine the allergens that have been preventing your body from obtaining total wellness. Once laboratory tests have identified your allergies, Donna will guide you toward eliminating them from your diet. 

If you’re ready to start feeling your very best, Tri Valley Health & Aesthetics is ready to help. See why our Livermore office is a destination for people from San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont and more. Click here to contact us online or call 925.484.5483 today!